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How We Support Our Volunteers

We provide all of our volunteers with all the support they need through out the whole process. All information you need after registration and acceptance will be provided. (For volunteers living in Norway, we can support with fundraising tips and much more).
When you arrive in Tanzania you will be picked from the Airport to the hostel in Arusha. Transportation too and from the the project placements and basically throughout your stay.
Accommodation In Arusha
You will stay with other volunteers in shared room at our hostel in a safe quiet area in Arusha. The hostel is about 500 meters from the city centre which makes it easy for our volunteers to commute to the schools we work with. Meals will be provided too. Thus you will get breakfast and diner through out your stay unless specified.

You will be provided with local mobile phones from day one which you can definitely use through out your stay. In the case you need internet, there is free wifi at the hostel which you can use. International calls are a bit expensive, we recommend using skype, whatsapp messnger when contacting friend and family back home.

All the equipment you need to work as a volunteer will be provided accordingly. You can ‘pack for a purpose’ (extra clothes you no longer use, pens and pencils etc) but most of the all you need will be here especially first aid volunteers. For school teachers, we will provide you with all syllabus books you need in schools.

Training And Certification
During the first days of your stay we will equip you with the necessary training need to embark on your new adventure in Africa. Besides the first aid training amongst other training programs, you will get basic Swahili lessons twice a week.

24 hr Emergency Support
You will have all the support through out your stay with us and your contact person will be reachable 24hrs a day in the case you need that. All our volunteers are also insured with Flying Doctors for miner need. For major sickness etc you are advised to use your travel insurance, which at times is included in your credit card agreement (Norwegians) if you pay your trip with the card. Other wise it is really safe and peaceful in Tanzania.

What We Can Not Provide
  • Travel insurance

  • Visas (Follow the link provided when you reserve your placement)

  • Vaccinations (Check with your doctor or vaccination office what vaccinations you will need)

  • We can not provide you with any safari holidays this will cost you extra. Plan in advance if you would love to go on a safari.