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Our ‘volunteering programme placements’ provides an opportunity for those interested in international development and helping the needy.

First Aid

Although this program is not just for everyone, that said, we are really looking for specific individuals willing to work through out the program and give the best they have to educate teachers in schools, pupils in public schools who do not have access to this kind of education.

Are you interested in giving back to the communities in need? Health sector? Teaching? Then this program is for you. You really do not need much formal education for this, training will be given before you start field work in schools teaching.

In Tanzania, injuries kill a lot of people more than HIV/AIDS, Malaria and TB. Most public schools do not have a single First aid kit available. None of the teachers in school do have a clue about first aid.

What we are doing now is:-

  • Educating teachers/staff in schools
  • Educating/training pupils
  • Equiping schools with basic first aid kids
  • Giving enough resources

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Teach First Aid helps us to increase our knowledge

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What should you do first when you find an unconscious person?

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What should you do to check if an unconscious casualty is responsive?

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When performing fist aid on an injured person, which of the following order is correct?

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Which Of The Following Is NOT A Role Of A First Aider?

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  • Budget and Milestones
  • Pre-Assessment
  • Service Implementation
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