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Due to human trafficking, rape and general poverty a lot of young girls (12-17) end up pregnant and drop out of school at a tender age. These young girls end up on the street and do not have anywhere to go or anyone to help them, but thanks to well wishers there is now a centre in Arusha where they are sheltered and empowered. We are still in need of volunteers who can teach English at this centre. Is that you?


Teaching English to young mothers or in primary schools. You do not need any formal teaching education since these young women can hardly speak english. It is a plus if you understand and can speak a little Swahili, but not a must. You will also be provided with some teaching materials. Swahili-English books to help you out through the whole time. Thus you will also learn Swahili in the process.


  • Teach young mothers and girls in English
  • Teach English in a primary school
  • Improve English vocabulary of the girls
  • Practice: Past tense, Present Perfect, Present Tense and Future Tense
  • Practice continuous tense throughout the above mentioned times
  • Practice negative sentences throughout the above mentioned times.
  • Give tests on a regular basis to the girls and young mothers to check their learning progress.

More About The Center

This centre houses about 20 young mothers with their children. All these your ladies are victims of human trafficking in Tanzania and neighbouring countries and they have no formal education. The centre offers these ladies all basics needs and equip them with education which they need to be able to take care of themselves and their children. Courses from:- Cooking lessons, sewing lessons, language courses, baking lessons, computer lessons and much more. Whilst the mothers are in class the children are in a kindergarten where they are taken care of and start their learning process.

After 1 year at the centre, the young mothers and their children are usually ready to leave the centre and start a new normal life. Most of them get jobs and a few are able to start working for themselves selling food or sewing clothes. The centre is always in need of volunteers in many different way. One can volunteer here for as long as 6 months.

How To Get The Centre

When you volunteer with us, you will have an orientation week and we will show you around and give you all the necessary information and tips you need to get around too and from the project placement. In most cases you will take a Dala Dalas (Local Minibuses) to the project. You will not be alone, your project coordinator will be always there for you and assist you through out.

Simple Registering Process
  • Send us an email

  • Reserve your placement

  • Pay accommodation deposit and you are good to go!

Visa Information

Thanks to technology, now you can apply for your visa online (advised) way way in advance to avoid long visa ques at the airport. Just Click here
In the case you need some help please kindly contact us and we will assit