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Safari & Kilimanjaro

Would you say you have been to Tanzania without being on a safari? Besides having a life changing experience helping and teaching kids in schools, you could go on a Safari on free weekends, before or after you are done with your volunteering.
Our next projects are in Arusha which is the safari hub to to the northern parks of Tanzania. This could be a once in a life time choice if you can afford it. Mt Kilimanjaro is also close by, you can also take the challenge and climb Africa’s highest free standing mountain though prices can be steep it can be done. NB:- You can book these trips with if that could be of interest. The best part is you can organize with other volunteers who might be interested and save on your travels.


Paradise on earth! A must visit,The Spice Island lies about 1hr by plane, on the coast of Tanzania. Or if you take a 12-13hr bus ride to Dar es Salaam you will be able to take a ferry to Zanzibar.
Though the bus gives you the chance to see the rural Tanzania, it is a really long and rather expensive way to get to Zanzibar. This is because you will have to overnight in Dar es Salaam the take the ferry the next day, hence spend more. There is a enough airlines which fly directly to Zanzibar and you will have more time to explore this beautiful Island, go on excursions, dive if you can and enjoy the snow white uncrowded beaches.

Kilimanjaro Gate And Lake Chala

A great weekended tour after a long week teaching and learning. You can drive to Kilimanjaro entrance gate, Marangu route, to see how it works and learn more about the mountain. After the tour you will then proceed to Lake Chala for the day.Here you can relax, swim in the lake, grill and recharge your batteries for the new week.

Maasai Village Tour

Visit a Maasai village and experience how they live. You will spend a night in a the village go on tour with the Maasais and learn more about their interesting culture. Sleep in Maasai huts if you dare and heard cattles in the dry savanna with Maasai youth.